Error: scanner driver is in use by another program

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Error: scanner driver is in use by another program

When running Auto-Score, on occasion Orion may return an error message stating that the scanner driver is in use by another program. This happens whenever another program has locked the scanner (has exclusive use over the scanner). The fix is easy in most cases. Simply close any program other than Orion that might be communicating with the scanner.

Check for the following types of programs that may be using the workstation's scanner:



oImage editing software.

oPhotography software.

oFax machine software.

Check the system tray (right side of your Windows menu bar) for any program icon with the workstation scanner's name. These are resident programs Canon installs that may try to communicate with the scanner. If any of these are running, right click on the icon and close the program.

Check that two instances of Orion are not running at the same time.


If Orion still return an error message that the scanner is in use by another computer, reboot your machine.