Using Auto-Score for an individual athlete

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Using Auto-Score for an individual athlete

Using Auto-Score for an individual athlete works best when using one of the following:

Single-bull targets.

Targets without any target identifier labels.

A flat-bed scanner.

To use Auto-Score for an individual athlete:

1.Load the scanner with only targets from one athlete.

2.Select the 'Match Scoring' tab.

3.On the left hand side, in the Target Tree view, click the plus sign ([+]) next to Targets, then the plus sign next to Relay 1 to see the list of athletes.

4.Right click on the athlete, you are scanning targets for, and select 'Scan Targets For' and then the position. Orion will scan the target, load it into the program, assign the target to the athlete, and score. Depending on the speed of the Orion workstation, this may take several seconds.

Orion will assign the target series as the next highest series for that athlete and position.

5.If additional targets from that athlete remain, load the scanner with the remaining un-scored targets, and repeat until all targets are scored.

NOTE: If a target has a target identifier label, or has the position or series bubbles filled in, this information will override the Auto-Score process for individual shooters.