Running a Reentry Match with Orion

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Running a Reentry Match with Orion

A Reentry Match is a competition where athletes and teams get to shoot the course of fire multiple times. There are many possible variations to a reentry match, but the most common one is, shooting multiple times and taking the athlete's highest score for the results.



Most current version (Version of Orion installed.


Creating a Reentry Match

1.Create a new local match.

2.Within Match Properties, and on the "Basics / Rulebook" tab, set the rulebook as appropriate for your competition.

3.Specify the Reentry Match

1.Highest Score from STAGE means Orion will sum the highest stage score. A "STAGE" in Orion is a position (e.g. prone, standing, or kneeling). For example in a three position match, this means the highest score the athlete shot in prone, plus the highest score in standing, plus the highest score in kneeling.

2.Highest Score from EVENT means Orion will use the highest aggregate score. An "EVENT" in Orion is the aggregate (e.g. prone + standing + kneeling).

4.Specify the other match properties as appropriate for your competition.

5.Save the Match Properties.


Managing a Reentry Match

The key to managing a reentry match is understanding “reentry tags.” A reentry tag allows Orion to group targets together that an athlete shot at a single time. Stated another way, each time an athlete (or group of athletes) shoot a reentry match a new reentry tag is needed. In most cases Orion will manage reentry tags for you; the default reentry tag is simply today’s date (e.g. 20150105).

Each set of targets an athlete shoots in a reentry match needs to have a unique “reentry tag.” Each time Auto-Score is ran, or targets are loaded from a directory, Orion assigns those targets the reentry tag in the Reentry Tag text box. The Reentry Tag text box is located on the menu bar, and only for reentry matches. The default reentry tag is a text string representing today’s date, for example “20150122” (for 22 January 2015). Any text string may be a reentry tag. All targets have a reentry tag. Targets in non-reentry matches are assigned a empty string “”.

1.Competitor and team management remains the same.

2.For each reentry competition:

1.Print Labels or use Text Based competitor values as appropriate.

2.Once the targets are shot, on the Match Scoring tab make sure the reentry tag (located next to the Auto-Score button) specifies the correct reentry tag, by default today's date.

3.Autoscore targets as normal.

3.To view results, click the Match Results tab and Update Results.