Running an Accumulative Final with Orion using Single Bull Targets

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Running an Accumulative Final with Orion using Single Bull Targets

When conducting any final, ideally the scores from each shot should be announced as soon as the last shot is fired. At the very least, shots should be announced within a very short time period. Due to the time it takes to scan and score the targets, we believe it is better to have the range officer (or announcer) give an estimated score value as the targets are turned in, then scored by Orion during the next shot. The procedure goes as follows. It assumes you are shooting one shot per bull.

Before the final, print final barcode labels for each athlete and apply them to the targets.

Run the prep time and sighters as normal.

For each shot:

oGive the athletes the prescribed 75 seconds.

oWhen the targets are collected, one firing point at a time, have the announcer estimate the value of the shot. This will give the athletes and spectators a close idea how each athlete performed.

oBring the 8 targets back to Orion.

oStart the next shot for the athletes.

oScan and score the 8 shots (with barcode labels the shots will auto-assign) within Orion. With only 8 targets, this should take less than 75 seconds.

oUpdate results.

After the last shot is fired and scored, have the announcer give the official scores.