Importing participants from an Excel file into Orion

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Importing participants from an Excel file into Orion

Orion has the capability to import participants from an Excel file. This includes both athletes and teams.

To import:

1.Open the match to import data into.

2.Click on 'Match,' then 'Import,' and then 'Participants.'

3.Select the Excel file that contains the data to import.

4.Match the columns in the Excel file to the data columns in Orion.

5.Select which columns to import by checking the 'Import' check box.

6.Click the 'Import' button.

Rules for importing participants from Excel.

Must save the file as an Excel Microsoft Office Open XML (.xlsx). Older version of Excel (.xls) may work but are not supported.

Each row in the Excel file must represent a competitor, except the header row.

Every competitor in the Excel file will be imported, provided they have both a first and last name.

All data to import must be in the first tab (worksheet) of the Excel file.

It is best, but not necessarily required, to have a header row with values matching the headers on the Match Competitors tab in Orion.

If a header row is used, the header values must be unique and non-blank.

Category data (e.g. 3 Position Rifle Type) is CaSe SeNSiTiVe, as are Team Names.

New Teams will be created if a matching name is not found.