Creating a Team within Orion

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Creating a Team within Orion

Creating a team in Orion is a two step process. First, create the team name. Second, add shooters as team members to the team.

Teams are not available for Orion at Home users.


Step 1: Create the Team Participant.

1.Open the match you wish to add a team to, or create a new match.

2.Click on the 'Match Teams' tab.

3.Type in one or more team names, one per line.

4.Team Creation is not available for users of Orion at Home


Step 2 (option A): Add shooters to the Team.

For shooters already in the match.

1.Click on the 'Match Competitors' tab.

2.In the row that represents the shooter to add to a team, select the appropriate team in the Team column drop down list.

3.Repeat for each team member.


Step 2 (option B): Add shooters from the Database.

For shooters not yet added to the match.

1.Click on the 'Shooter Database' tab.

2.Select the shooter you wish to add to the match.

To select a shooter, click on the far left column (to the left of Last Name). The entire row will be highlighted once selected. Multiple shooters may be selected at once by using the shift or control keys.

3.After selecting the shooter, right-click the mouse. Orion will display a pop-up menu. Click on 'Add Shooter to Match' and then the name of the team.

Orion will allow you to add as many firing members to a team as you want, up to the "Max Number of Team Members" as specified in Match Properties. When calculating the team total, Orion will sum the top 4 individual scores as the team score by default. This value, known as "Number of Team Members," can also be changed in Match Properties.