Importing BB Gun Test Scores into Orion

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Importing BB Gun Test Scores into Orion

Orion has the capability to import BB Gun test scores from an Excel file. With this feature only the test scores are imported.


To Import:

1.Open the BB Gun match you want to import data into. It has to have a Test course of fire.

2.Click on 'Match,' then 'Import,' and then 'Test Scores.'

3.Select the Excel file that contains the test score data you want to import.

4.Match the columns in the Excel file to the data columns in Orion.

5.Click the 'Import' button.


Rules for importing test scores from Excel.

Must save the file as an Excel Microsoft Office Open XML (.xlsx).

Each row in the Excel file must represent a competitor, except the header row.

There must both a Competitor Number column and a test score column.

Other columns are allowed, for example one for Athlete's Name, but ignored.

The test scores must be between 0 and 100.

Blank test scores are not imported.

Importing test scores does not create any new competitors, all competitors must have been added previously.