Mitigating computer and scanner problems during a competition

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Mitigating computer and scanner problems during a competition

The Orion Scoring System has successfully eliminated a huge number of scoring problems facing the shooting sports. By replacing human scorers with a machine, scoring is faster, more accurate, and fair. Match Directors no longer have to worry about recruiting and training a team of scorers for their competitions. The team of volunteer scorers has been replaced with a single, well trained, statistical officer who knows how to operate Orion.

It is important to remember, though, that Orion is still a machine, subject to errors and faults of its own. Computer hard drives can crash, scanners can break, and printer toner can run out. A well prepared Statistical Officer will be ready for these and other potential computer and scanner problems.

The following is a list of ways to prepare for eventual computer and scanner problems. These suggestions boil down to preparation and redundancy. How far to prepare depends on the importance of the match. More important matches require more preparation and redundancy.


The best way to help ensure a competition runs smoothly is to use the Orion System in day-to-day practices.


Computer Preparation.

Verify the latest version of Orion is installed. Go to 'Help' and then 'Check for Updates' to check.

Verify that the Orion workstation has enough hard drive space available for the target images. As a general rule of thumb, the computer's hard drive should have at least 25% free space.

Have a backup computer available. In the event that the primary Orion workstation unexpectedly dies, it is permissible at that time to install Orion on a secondary computer. To learn how visit How do I transfer my Orion license from an old computer to a new computer?.

Plug the computer, scanner, and printer into a battery backup to prepare for short power outages.


Scanner Preparation.

Treat the scanner with care. Transport it with two hands and cover it with padding.

Use canned air to blow out paper shards at the start of each relay.

Have an exchange roller replacement kit suitable for the scanner available.

Contact Canon directly in the event of scanner specific issues. Their customer support number is 1.800.423.2366 (choose option 2, and then option 2 again).

Make an agreement with a neighboring team to use their scanner in the event a scanner breaks.


Data Backup.

Enable cloud backup of Match data file. Optionally, for very important matches enable cloud backup of your target image files.

1.From the menu bar click on "Match" and then "Match Properties" to open the Match Properties window.

2.The options for configuring cloud backup are listed in the "Basics/Rulebook" tab.

3.There are three backup options on the ‘Backup’ dropdown menu.

oNo Online Backup will disable cloud backup for the match.

oBackup only the Match File will backup the match data file, which includes athlete, team and score data, but does not backup target images.

oBackup Match and Image Files will backup both the match data file and all target images. A high speed internet connection is strongly recommended for this option.

4.Click "Save" to save your choices.


Printer Preparation.

Have spare toner cartridges available.

Have plenty of paper available.

Remember that all results are available online through Result Center. While having a backup printer available is a good idea, athletes and coaches may also use Result Center to check their scores.