Transferring the Orion license from an old computer to a new computer

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Transferring the Orion license from an old computer to a new computer

It is often necessary to transfer your Orion license from an old computer to a new computer. This may happen if you purchase a faster machine, or your old computer wears out. Transferring the license is relatively easy, the key step in the process is to also transfer your shooter database file so your new computer has this important historical data.

Transferring your license is perfectly acceptable; however you must notify Scopos in writing (email is sufficient) prior to doing so.

The following instructions require Orion Version running on both the old and new computer, with the Athlete Database cloud backup enabled on the old computer.

Complete the following steps on your new computer to transfer your Orion license:

1.Download and install the most recent production version of Orion.

2.After Orion is installed, open it for the first time. On the Welcome Screen, Orion will warn you that the license is missing. Click on the provided link to install the license.

oOption 1 (Recommended): Copy and paste the license text from your My Account page. The license text is located in a rectangle near the bottom left of the My Account page.

oOption 2: Contact us and request a new download code. Type in the download code to install.

Once the license is downloaded Orion will need to restart.

3.Once the license is installed, download the TWAIN drivers for your Canon scanner. From the Menu Bar click on "Tools" and then "Install Canon Scanner Drivers."

4.After the drivers are installed, to restore your Athlete Database, from the menu bar click on "Database" and then "Restore from Cloud Backup." Once Orion restarts the content of the shooter database will be present.

5.Optionally, Match directories can be restored by clicking on "Tools" and then "Restore Match Directory from Cloud Backup."


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