Correcting for a False Positive Shot

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Correcting for a False Positive Shot

A "false positive" shot is when Athena reports a shot when there wasn't one. This is rare, but may happen for a variety of rare reasons.

How to Resolve a False Positive Shot

Responsibilities of the Athlete Firing on the Target

If the athlete firing on the target suspects a false positive shot, they should immediately alert the Range Officer. The Range Officer will then adjudicate the issue.

The Range Officer will mostly likely have the suspected false positive shot deleted and instruct the athlete to continue shooting.

Responsibilities of the Range Officer and Statistical Officer

To confirm or deny a false positive shot the range officer will have to inspect the tape feed as soon as the relay is complete. By counting the number of shots on the tape feed, the range officer can determine if the reported shot was real or a false positive.

Immediately though, the Range Officer should ask the Statistical Officer to first record off line the score of the shot (e.g. 9.8) and then delete the shot from within Orion. Once the Statistical Officer (the person running Orion) completes this task, the shot will be removed from the Athlete's Monitor. The Range Officer then tells the athlete to continue shooting.

After the relay is complete the Range Officer should inspect the tape feed counting the shots. If at this point a a real shot was found, a should be inserted with the original scored value in the sequence where the false positive (and now confirmed as a real shot) occurred. The the protest shot (the last shot fired by the athlete) should be deleted.

An Incident Report should be completed by the Range Officer regardless.

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