Color Scheme Files

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Color Scheme Files


A Color Scheme is the definitions file for a Spectator Display, it correlates to specific fields on the display, and colors are defined using HEX values

File Type and Location

Color Scheme files are JSON text files that may either be edited by hand or created and updated through Color Scheme Editor. They are located in the My Matches/DATABASE/Display/ColorSchemes folder.

Files who's name start with "Athena" are reserved for use by Orion. Do not edit these files as upgrades to Orion may overwrite them. It is permissible to copy these files and edit the copies.


The Color Scheme file is a JSON dictionary of name value pairs. Each name is an overarching box, and each box contains certain fields that may be edited.



  "Root": {

    "noviewstext": "#ececec",

    "noviewsbg": "#5d84bc"


  "ResultList": {

    "bottomlanes": "#5c5c5c",

    "toplanes": "#5d84bc",

    "flash": "#bdbdbd",

    "toplanestext": "#ececec",

    "bottomlanestext": "#ececec"


  "SquaddingList": {

    "squaddinglanes": "#5d84bc",

    "squaddinglanestext": "#ececec"


  "MatchInfoStrip": {

    "topstrip": "#232529",

    "bottomstrip": "#232529",

    "toptext": "#ececec",

    "bottomtext": "#ececec"


  "Marquee": {

    "text": "#ececec",

    "background": "#232529"


  "ImageDisplay": {

    "background": "#5d84bc"


  "AthleteDisplayFrame": {

    "athletebg": "#5d84bc",

    "athletetext": "#ececec",

    "scorebg": "#5c5c5c",

    "scoretext": "#ececec",

    "aggbg": "#5c5c5c",

    "aggtext": "#ececec"