Athena SD Cards

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Athena SD Cards

All Athena Targets, Monitors, and Displays run off of a Raspberry Pi, which uses an SD Card for it's local file system. SD Cards do have a finite life time, but usually last for many years. To extend the life span of your SD Cards be sure to take the following steps.

Never directly turn the power off on an EST Unit. Instead, first shut the operating system down before disconnecting power (see Shutting Down Your EST Units ).

Make sure each EST Unit is being feed enough power. If an EST Unit does not have enough power (Volts) it will likely continue to run but can damage the SD Card. EST Units that do have have enough power will be highlighted in the Range Control tab.

Keep the logging level of each EST Unit to "Default" which will only log error messages (see Athena Unit Maintenance).

Turn off the EST Units when they are not in use for long periods of time.

Please note these rules do not apply to the Network Manager, router, or access point, which do not use SD cards for their file system.