Troubleshooting help for "Could not communicate with the scanner."

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Troubleshooting help for "Could not communicate with the scanner."

With Auto-Score the error message, "Could not communicate with the scanner" could be caused by one of many possible problems. Use the list below to help troubleshoot the error.


1. Check the Scanner Source

Please ensure your have the proper scanner selected in the Orion Scoring System. Please use the following directions if you are unsure how to do this:

1.Open the Orion Scoring System software

2.Create or open an existing match (if you have not done so already)

3.Select Match from the menu bar -> hover over Score until the list expands -> click Select Scanner

4.Choose the appropriate twain scanner


2. Check the cables are connected properly

Double check to make sure the scanner is plugged in to power, turned on, and connected via a USB cable to your computer. You may also want to try a different USB port on your machine.


3. Check that the scanner is powered on

Confirm you have proper power supplied to the scanner and the power indicator is in the On setting.


4. Turn scanner power on and off

Try power cycling your scanner. Sometimes a simple Off/On can get the job done.

To do this, locate the power button and turn it off. Wait about 30 seconds and power it back on again.

DO NOT SIMPLY UNPLUG THE DEVICE FROM THE POWER SOCKET AND PLUG BACK IN! This can cause damage to your scanner’s hardware and shorten the life expectancy.


5. Clean the scanner

1.Open the scanner.

2.Use canned air to blow out any debris.

3.Use a dry, clean cotton cloth (or microfiber - like the ones used for eyeglasses) to clean the scanner's sensor glass. Wipe both the front and back sensor glass.

For more information on cleaning your scanner visit our FAQ on this subject.


6. Install Correct or Updated Scanner Drivers

Ensure you have the proper and most up-to-date drivers installed for your scanner.

1.Open the Orion software on your computer.

2.From the menu bar click on 'Tools,' then 'Install Canon Scanner Drivers,' then the name of your scanner.

3.Orion will begin to download the drivers in the background. Depending on the speed of your connection this process may take several minutes. Once downloaded the installation process will begin.

For more information on installing Canon Scanner Drivers visit our FAQ on this subject.