Tape Feed Settings

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Tape Feed Settings

Opening the Tape Feed Settings Form

From within Orion:

1.From the Menu bar click on Athena -> Athena Unit Maintenance.

2.Select the target you wish to perform maintenance on. Only one may be selected.

3.From the form's menu click on Maintenance -> Tape Feed Calibration.

Tape Feed Setting Values

WARNING: Editing the Tape Feed settings with incorrect values may lead to inaccurately scored shots.




Default Value

Millimeters per Second

The speed of the tape feed motor, measured in mm of tape advance per second.

15.0 mm / second

Calculating Millimeters per Second

The calculation of Millimeters per Second is done by advancing the Tape Feed 10 times, an expected 16mm each time. The actual distance travel is then physically measured and inputted, resulting in the new updated millimeters per second.

1.Cut off any existing tape feed from the Target.

2.Click the "Run Test" button.
The Tape Feed will pulse 10 times.

3.Once the Tape Feed stops after the 10th pulse tear off the tape that was feed through the target. Measure, using millimeters, the amount of tape that was feed through. The expected value is 160mm.

4.Input the actual distance traveled into the form and hit Calculate.

5.Repeat the test if the actual distance traveled is more than 165mm or less than 155mm.