Taking Ownership of EST Units for Clubs

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Taking Ownership of EST Units for Clubs

"Taking Ownership" is the name of the process that links your physical EST Units (Targets, Monitors, and Displays) with your Orion for Clubs account. the process involves using the provided pre-configured USB Key, found in your Support Resources Kit to install your range's credentials on each Target, Monitor, and Display.

Locate Your Athena USB Key

Your Athena USB Key (thumb drive) is found in your Support Resource Key, and will look like the following:

USB Key No Background - Small

Plug the USB Key into Each Monitor

For each Athlete Monitor insert the USB Thumb Drive into your athlete Monitor (we do recommend taking ownership of the Monitors before the Targets).

a.When the USB Thumb Drive is inserted, and pop up log window should appear. It will indicate to you what the Monitor is doing. It will first attempt to connect to your WiFi and then connect to our cloud network to download it's needed files.

b.If successful the process will take about 30 seconds. When the pop up screen disappears, it is safe to remove the USB Thumb Drive from the monitor.

c.If successful, after about a minute, the athlete monitor user interface will appear. You may move on to the next Monitor

DoW100 with Inserted USB Key -small

Plug the USB Key into Each Target

For each Target, insert the USB Thumb Drive into the EST Target.

d.For ease of use, we recommend using the USB extension cable included in your resource kit to plug into the target, and then plug the USB thumb drive into the other end of the extension cable.

e.When the USB Thumb Drive is inserted into a Target (when the Target is in a factory reset state), the Red and Green lights will remain on, indicating it is working. On success the green light will stay solid and then turn off and reboot.

i.In the event that the target encounters an error, please consult the Troubleshooting Guide.

f.The entire process will again take about 30 seconds to complete. Then it will be safe to remove the USB Thumb Drive and return to the Athena Set-Up Wizard on the web.

usb key extension