Take Ownership USB Drive Function

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Take Ownership USB Drive Function

The "Take Ownership" process converts a unowned EST Unit to an owned EST Unit. This means the EST Unit is marked, both locally and in Athena's cloud network, as being owned by a specific At Home or Club user. Additionally, the EST Unit's certificate and configuration files are downloaded allowing it to run.

The Take Ownership process has to run for all EST Units before they are ready to be used. There are three reasons why a EST Unit would need to have the Take Ownership process execute:

Recently purchased and not yet configured.

Factory reset has been ran.

The SD card had to be replaced.

Constructing a AthenaPreOwned File

Constructing an AthenaPreOwned JSON file is simple. Athena At Home users may do so through our website. Athena for Clubs users may do so through Orion.

Constructing an AthenaPreOwned JSON File as an Athena At Home User

1.Log in to the Result Center.

2.On the left hand side, click on the Home icon, then Athena, then Athena Units.

3.Follow the Set-Up Wizard

Constructing an AthenaPreOwned JSON Files as an Orion User


File Structure for Take Ownership USB Drive Function

The Take Ownership USB Drive Function requires only one file in the root of the USB drive, AthenaPreOwned.json.

USB Drive (E:)/
├── AthenaPreOwned.json


Other files may exist on the USB Drive, but they will largely be ignored. A "doNotEject" file is not ignored.

AthenaPreOwned File

The AthenaPreOwned is a JSON formatted text file. It's structure is the following:




            "ssid": "",

            "psk": ""



            "ssid": "",

            "psk": ""




        "IoTHost": ""


    "SharedKey": "",

    "OwnerId": "",

    "GreengrassGroup": "",

    "NTPServer": "",

    "TimeZone": "EDT",

    "CreateLockFile": false,

    "PiUserPassword": ""