Perform Factory Reset

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Perform Factory Reset

A "Factory Reset" restores an EST Unit (Target, Monitor, or Display) to the state it was in when it left the factory. It places the EST Unit in an unowned state, unassociated with any Athena at Home or Athena for Clubs account. The most common reason for running Factory Reset is if you are selling your EST Unit to a different customer and want to remove any of your data.

There are three ways to run Factory Reset

Factory Reset using USB Operations

To complete a factory reset using USB Operation, prepare a USB Drive with the following file structure. The sharedKey.txt file must contain the value of your accounts shared key. The FactoryReset directory, must simply exists.

EST Units with a Factory Reset Lock File will fail. The lock file must be removed before Factory Reset will run.

USB Drive (E:)/
├── sharedKey.txt
└── FactoryReset/


After configuring the USB Drive, perform the steps outlined in USB Drive Functions in order to execute the desired function.

Factory Reset using SSH or Terminal

To complete a factory reset using the command line, open a terminal on the EST Unit or ssh into the device.

cd /home/pi/ESTBuild/est/scripts/system

sudo python ./ManualFactoryResetScript -h

Factory Reset by Replacing the SD Card

Factory Reset can also effectively be performed by replacing the EST Unit's SD Card. The card must be purchased from Scopos, which will have the OS and firmware already installed.