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When Simulation Mode is enabled on a Monitor, it means that the user can start and stop the simulation of shots. More precisely, the user will have an interface allowing them to send a signal to the accompanying Target to simulate shots. This is helpful when constructing and testing new Course of Fire definitions or while having the Target in Simulation Mode.

Enabling Simulation Mode on a Monitor

Enabling Simulation Mode is intentionally difficult and requires the log in credentials to the Monitor.

1.Log into the Monitor either using ssh or terminal access.

2.CD into the ~/ESTConfig/Monitor directory.

3.Using a text editor (e.g. vi or nano) edit the capabilities.json file. In the "ESTUnit" dictionary, change the attribute "Simulation" from false to true.

4.Save the capabilities.json file and restart the Monitor.

Disabling Simulation Mode on a Monitor

There are two ways to disable simulation mode on a Monitor.

Follow the steps listed above under Enabling Simulation Mode. But in step 3, change the "Simulation" value from true to false.

Use Orion's Maintenance Operations.

a.From Orion open the Athena Unit Maintenance form.

b.Select the appropriate Monitor.

c.Hold the shift key down and click on the Maintenance Mode button.