Mobile App Installation

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Mobile App Installation

Scopos no longer supports Orion Mobile App, including the ability to scan targets. Instead customers may use the all new Rezults at

Scopos, LLC has published a companion application for the Orion Desktop Software. This mobile app is available on both Apple's iOS and Android's respective storefronts. Matches are created within the Windows program (Orion Desktop), then can be viewed and used with the Orion Mobile App. Match details, including course of fire, squadding, and competitors are sent to the module app.

One highlighted roll of this mobile app is to expand the type of targets Orion can score to include large format targets, those too wide to be scanned in using our traditional Canon scanners (These include the 50m Rifle, 100yd. Conventional Rifle, and Rimfire Sporter targets).

Please note this application is in it's infant stage. Meaning: the app may have bugs or kinks. Please submit any and all bugs to Please be as detailed as possible with findings.

Be sure to visit our support documentation by clicking here.


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An active internet connection is required for all app functionality. Data rates may apply, contact your provider for details. Please see our Privacy Permissions for information on what Orion Mobile app requests of your device.