MM Models

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MM Models

There is one Spectator Display model in the family.

MM100 a small stand alone component that plugs into a separate HDMI TV, via an HDMI cable for displays athlete scores, results lists, and more.

The MM100 can be powered using the included power adapter, or via an available HDTV USB port (the USB port must supply 2.5A output to power the MM100 unit).

Standard Features


A Raspberry Pi 3+ is the on board CPU and runs a variation of the Debian OS.

Touch Screen Monitor

A 7 inch touch screen monitor.

Indoor Use Only

The MM family of Athlete Monitors is intended for indoor use only. Exposing the Monitor to outdoor elements will damage the component and void the warranty.

MM Model Namesake

The MM models of athlete monitors is named after the Minuteman National Trophy in a tribute to American shooting. The Minuteman Trophy is awarded to the highest scoring junior team in the National Team Trophy competition.