Internet Access Requirements

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Internet Access Requirements

Internet access is generally required, however Athena is designed to tolerate temporary loss of Internet. Specifically, Internet access is required for Athena for the following actions and scenarios:

Initial installation of your Athena range.

Time synchronization with NTP servers. This may also be achieved by synchronizing with NTP servers in a customer's local network (see below).

Updating the Athena software for EST Units, the Network Manager, or Orion.

Technical support provided by Scopos.

Some enhanced features of the Spectator Display, such as displaying images through the Image Display entity, showing athlete profile photos, or score history.

No standalone Network Manager, which is the same as saying the Network Manager is integrated into one of the EST Units, usually xxxxxx-Monitor-001.

Firewall Rules

An Athena range requires access to the following endpoints (host names) over port 8883 and 8443.

Internet Time Synchronization

The Network Manager synchronizes it's clock with NTP servers on the Internet. If the Network Manager can not communicate with the Internet it's clock may begin to drift. This could cause connection issues with the EST Units and especially Windows. To resolve this problem either:

Set up a local NTP server that the Network Manager and your Windows machine can synchronize to.

Configure Windows to synchronize with the Network Manager's NTP server.

Routinely manually set the Network Manager's clock (not recommended).


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