How do I write a preview or recap report for my match?

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How do I write a preview or recap report for my match?

Results only tell part of the story. Competitions are more than just who won. The 'Preview' and 'Recap' reports let you, as the match director, disclose the other part of the story. These reports will appear on the Result Center's home page, your team page, and on the match page.



Result Center must be enabled for your club or team.

The match must be created within Orion and uploaded to the Result Center.


How to Write a Preview or Recap Report.

1.Log in to your Orion account at

The 'My Account' page will appear.

2.On the left side, underneath the 'Result Center' heading, click on the 'List of Your Matches' link.

A list of all of your matches will appear.

3.Under the 'Preview/Recap' column, click on the button corresponding to the match you wish to edit.

The 'Match Report' page will be shown, with text boxes for typing in the reports.

4.Type in the preview and recap reports.

Currently the reports are limited to text only. You do not have to enter text into both reports at once.


Tips on Writing a Good Match Preview.

State the course of fire and rulebook you will be using. Are there any deviations from the rulebook you are going to use?

State the logistics of the competition. Where is the match (maybe provide directions), when is the match, who is invited, etc.

Mention the history of the match. For example, do you run this match on an annual basis? Who were last year's winners?

Mention some of the individuals and teams who are coming. Are any top teams competing?

Mention if this match is sanctioned with a governing body.


Tips on Writing a Good Match Recap.

Mention the winners of the individual and team events by name.

Mention noteworthy achievements by other athletes. For example, did someone have a personal best?

Focus on the positive and be respectful of other teams and athletes.

Avoid using team or club name abbreviations. Not everyone will know what they refer to.