Listing my match in the Upcoming Matches

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Listing my match in the Upcoming Matches

If you create the match ahead of time, giving it a future start and end date, your match will be listed in Result Center's Upcoming Matches.

Using the Result Center is optional. The service is itself optional, and then using the Result Center for a match is also optional.


Enabling the Result Center service.

To use the Result Center, each Orion user must first enable the service. See the How do I enable Result Center for my team to learn how to enable the service.


Creating and Listing Your Match in Upcoming Matches.

1.Be sure the Orion workstation has Internet access.

2.Create a new match. From the Menu bar click on 'File' then 'New Match' then a 'Create a new Local Match.'

3.Set the standard properties of the match. Be sure to specify a future start and end date.

4.Click on the 'Result Center' tab.

5.Check the 'List and Report Scores' online checkbox.

6.Optionally, but recommended, fill in the Contact Information for the match. If this information is filled in, it will be visible on the Internet.

7.Click 'Save.'

8.Orion will automatically upload the match to Result Center. Since the match has a future date, it will be listed in the Upcoming Matches section.


Viewing Upcoming Matches.

Result Center's Upcoming Matches is available at