Printing a squadding list

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Printing a squadding list

A squadding list lets athletes know which firing point they will be competing on. It also allows them to review their classification data prior to the start of the match.

Printing a Squadding List.

1.Open the Match within Orion.

2.Input any necessary competitor and team data.

oRelay and firing point information is entered on the 'Match Competitors' tab.

3.Select the 'Match Results' tab.

4.Under 'Ranked Results' (near the top left hand side) select either 'Squadding List by Name' or 'Squadding List by Firing Point.' These selections will be at the end of the drop down list. Then click the 'Update Results' button.

Orion will display the squadding list within the application.

5.Recommended, but not required, check the 'Include Coach, Team, and Demographics on Printout' checkbox.

6.To print, click the 'Print Results' button.


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