Including competitor's demographic data on printed results

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Including competitor's demographic data on printed results

It is often desirable to include a competitor's demographic data on printed results. Demographic data includes a competitors hometown, team, school or club name, and their coach.

Available Demographic Data Fields.

The following optional fields are available for both shooters and teams.

Coach: The coach of the shooter or team.

Organization: The club or school name the shooter or team represents.

City and State: Collectively represents the shooter or team's hometown.

Team (shooters only): The team the shooter was a member of for this match.


Include Demographic Data on Ranked Results.

1.Click on Orion's 'Match Results' tab.

2.Check the 'Include Coach, Team, and Demographics on Printout' option near the upper left of the screen.

3.Select the result to print.

4.Click the 'Print Results' button.


Include Organization and Team Fields on Individual Score Sheets.

The organization and team fields are automatically included on every individual score sheet. The information is printed near the top of the page below the shooter's name.