Importing shot data from SiusData

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Importing shot data from SiusData


Orion to Sius integration must be enabled. To do so, from Orion's menu bar click on "Tools" then "Enable Sius Integration."

Sius integration is available to Orion for Club license users, with the most current version of Orion (Currently Version 2.5.22).

The Sius program SIUSData is required. It is what Orion communicates with to receive score data.


Connecting to SiusData

To connect to SiusData, to receive shot data from it, click on the Connect To SiusData button. Orion will prompt you for the IP Address and Port Number of the SiusData data feed. If you are running SiusData on the same machine as Orion the default values are most likely the correct values.

As shot values come in from SiusData, they will automatically be loaded into Orion. Competitors are matched up from Sius to Orion based on competitor number.

It is important to set up the match in SiusData with an equivalent course of fire as the Match in Orion. Mismatching the two can cause data corruption.

The shot data SiusData transmits is limited. A key piece of information that is not included is the stage, or position, the shot was fired in. Stated another way, it is impossible to know what position an athlete is firing in with 100% certainly. Orion, in almost all circumstances can infer the position based on the shot number and time. To help ensure Orion correctly assigns the position, in between stages there needs to be at least a 2 minute interval.


Support for Sius Systems

Support for Sius electronic targets and comprising systems, including the program SiusData, is done by Sius. Please contact your Sius representative for support or sales information.