Importing shot data from SIUSData

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Importing shot data from SIUSData


Orion to Sius integration must be enabled. To do so, from Orion's menu bar click on "Tools" then "Enable Sius Integration."

Sius integration is available to Orion for Club license users, with the most current version of Orion (Currently Version

The Sius program SIUSData is required. It is what Orion communicates with to receive score data.

Option 1: Connecting to SIUSData Over the Network

This option is best to receive shot data in real time, as athletes are shooting.

Connecting to SIUSData

To connect to SIUSData click on the SIUSData connection button (show button image). Then click on the Qualification or Final button as appropriate.

IP Address:

The IP address of the computer running SiusData. If it is running on the same machine as Orion you may keep the default value of

Port Number:

The port number SiusData is running on. By default the port number is 4000

Require Shots to be within 60s:

Enabling this option, which is the default, adds an extra layer of security to importing values from SiusData. With it enabled it will prevent accidentally importing shots from a previously shot match. Instead it will only import shots that are fired live.

Delete Shot Data and Re-Pull:

This option will delete all the shot data in the current Orion match, and then attempt to repull everything from SiusData. This option should only be used if the wrong data got imported into Orion.


When Orion connects to SiusData all shot data from the current match is sent to Orion. Orion will attempt to import all of it. If Orion, or the connection was off for a period of time while shooting was going on, it is best to start the connection with the “Require Shots to be wihtin 60s” disabled.

Disconnect from SiusData

To disconnect reclick the SiusData connection button. Orion will also disconnect automatically when the match is closed or Orion is closed.

Option 2: Reading from SIUSData's Data File

SIUSData is well known for sending corrupted data over their network interface; this is a known problem with their software. Scopos generously created a second interface, by reading their data file directly instead of going over the network, to import scores into Orion. This interface is provided as-is, and without warranty. Customers should contact SIUS if they continue to have issues importing their data into Orion.

This option is best to read data after shooting is completed.

Reading from a SIUSData Data File

To read scores from a SIUSData data file, from Orion's menu click on Match, then Score, then Load Scores from SIUSData Data File. When the select file dialogue form opens, select the SIUSData data file (usually a file with a .csv extension) to load into Orion.

Support for SIUS Systems

Support for Sius electronic targets and comprising systems, including the program SIUSData, is done by SIUS. Please contact your SIUS representative for support or sales information.