Creating a Start List for SiusData

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Creating a Start List for SiusData


Orion to Sius integration must be enabled. To do so, from Orion's menu bar click on "Tools" then "Enable Sius Integration."

Sius integration is available to Orion for Club license users, with the most current version of Orion (Currently Version

The Sius program SIUSData is required. It is what Orion communicates with to receive score data.

Generating a Start List for SIUSData

Competitor Number Requirements

Due to limitations in SIUSData, all competitor numbers must be numeric and 6 digits or less.

Generating a Qualification Start List

To generate a qualification start list click on the "Export Sius Start List" button. Orion will prompt you where to save the file. Be sure to make a note of the location as SiusData needs to know the location of this file to import.

Orion will include all competitors in the start list file that have a valid squadding assignment. A valid squadding assignment means the relay and firing point values are 1 or higher (not zero).

Generating a Final Start List

To generate a Final start list, after qualification is over and the results are known, click on the "Export Final Start List" button. Select the appropriate Qualification results to pull from and the starting firing point. Click "Create Squadding" to generate the file. Again Orion will prompt you where to save the file. Orion will generate the start list for the top 8 athletes in the selected qualification result.

The "Export Final Start List" button is only available in Orion Matches with a Final. If you are running a competition where all competitors compete in the Final stage there is no need to generate a Final start list. Instead, after the competitors have completed their qualification stage have them continue on to the Final stage, on their same firing point.

Loading the Start List into SiusData

To load the start list into SiusData, from within SiusData click on the "View Shooters" button, near the top right hand side. Then, on the new screen, click on the "Import" button.

Support for Sius Systems

Support for Sius electronic targets and comprising systems, including the program SiusData, is done by Sius. Please contact your Sius representative for support or sales information.