Importing results from MLRange

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Importing results from MLRange


Megalink integration is available to Orion for Club license users, with the most current version of Orion (Currently Version

The Megalink program MLRange is required. It is what Orion communicates with to receive score data.

The MLRange Event and Orion Match must be configured with an equivalent course of fire.

The MLRange Event must have been set up to "Send Automatically".

Orion currently supports importing scores from the following target types:

o10m Air Rifle

o10m Air Pistol

o50m Rifle

o50ft Rifle (50m Rifle reduced for 50ft)


Generating a Results File from MLRange

The following commands are followed within MLRange.

1.From the Menu bar, click on "Results" and then "Send to office."


Importing Results into Orion


Method 1 -  Automatic Import (Recommended)


Method 2 - Manual Import



Support for Megalink Systems

Support for Megalink electronic targets and comprising systems, including the program MLRange, is done by Megalink. Please contact your Megalink representative for support or sales information.


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