Competing in a League Game

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Competing in a League Game

A Team League is a set of teams that compete against each other in games. A game is a competition between two teams. The complete set of games is called the season. Each game produces a winning team and a losing team. The winner of the league is the team with the best win-loss record during the season.

A League Administrator is responsible for creating the league, adding teams, and scheduling games. Once the League Administrator has completed these steps league teams can download and compete in the games.



The most current version of Orion (Currently Version

oVisit "How do I download and install the Orion software" to learn how to check what version of Orion you are on and how to upgrade if necessary.

Each participating team has to be an Orion for Clubs or Orion Scorecard customer and have the Result Center enabled.

The League Administrator has to add your team to the league and create the schedule.


Competing in a Game

To Orion, a league game is a special type of Child Match. The game has to be downloaded from Orion's Result Center. By doing so Orion will know the rulebook, course of fire, and most importantly the Teams competing. Once downloaded competing in the game is almost identical to any other match.

1.Download the Game

1.Open Orion.

2.On the Welcome Screen, click on the Game's name under "Create a New Match."

3.Orion will ask if you want to confirm downloading the game and if you want to add your Favorites to the Team. Select yes to both questions.

Once a match is downloaded it is not possible to download it again.

4.Orion will download the match, open it, and add your favorites to your team.

5.If needed add additional athlete team members to the match. Be sure to specify they are a member of the team under the Teams column.

2.Scoring Targets

Score and assign targets normally. Scoring targets in a game is just like a traditional Orion Match.

3.Uploading Results

Orion will automatically upload your game's results to the Internet. No special action is required.


Differences between competing in a Game and a Match

As mentioned above a game really is just a special type of Child Match to Orion. But there are a few key differences. These are outlined below.

In a game the dates are set by the League Administrator, they can not be changed by the Orion user.

In a game the names of the teams are set by the League Administrator. Orion users can not add, remove, or change the teams.


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