External Interface

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External Interface

On the back side of the NC Target there are two on / off switches an a button.

Power Switch

The top on / off switch controls the power to the unit.

Witness Strip (Paper Roll) Switch

The bottom on / off switch will run the witness strip (paper roll) motor. To be used when replacing the witness strip or aiming mask. Under normal operation the switch should be in the off position.

Alignment Button

The button is used to start the alignment process of the camera to the aiming mask.


The cover that is over the CPU and expansion board is known as the E-Cover. It should always be on.

Electro-Static Discharge Warning

To remove the cover the power to the unit must be turned off and power cord unplugged. Due to the threat of electro-static discharge (ESD) that could damage the NC Unit's electronics, when removing or replacing the E-Cover make sure to be electrically grounded. Wearing a grounded ESD Band is strongly recommended.