Downloading and Installing Orion Scoring System

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Downloading and Installing Orion Scoring System

Orion Scoring System installation files are available by download-only at

A user ID and password is required to download Orion Scoring System. When you purchased Orion Scoring System, you received this information in a seperate email titled "Welcome to Orion Scoring System". Your user ID is also your license number and will always be numeric (e.g. 1234). Your Innitial Password is usually 6-10 random characters.

1.Open a web browser and navigate to

2.Click the Login link in the upper right-hand corner

3.Enter the username and password supplied in your welcome email

4.After you have logged in, you may enable Result Center for your club, team, or individual use. This is an optional, however recommended, step.

a.Click on Result Center Settings

b.Check the Enable Orion Result Center checkbox

c.Modify your team's website path if desired. Listed as Team Page, this will be the URL you may give to the public to quickly find your team's home page on the Results Center.

d.Fill in the information about your team in the Team Description, Range Facilities, and Contact Information fields. The information stored on in these fields will be seen by the public on your team's home page.

e.Click Save. The result Center service will now be enabled for your team, and you will have the option of uploading results to the Internet.

5.Click on the Software Downloads Link

6.Carefully review the End User License Agreement. When you are finished, either accept or decline at the bottom of the page.

Note: if you do not accept the End User License Agreement, you will be unable to download and use Orion Scoring System. You must accept to proceed.

7.A list of currently available versions of Orion Scoring System will appear. Select the link for the Current Production Release.

8.Your Browser may ask if you would like to Run or Save the file. Select Run.

9.Windows may prompt you with a message Windows protected your PC. If you receive this message, click on More info, then Run anyway

10.When the installer runs, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the Orion Scoring System installation.