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Attribute Name




String either hardcoded as "*", or formatted as a Value Series

A string indicating who to apply this RankingRules to. The first, and only the first, RankingRule must have a value “*”.

The value must be one of the following:

“*” to indicate to apply the rule to all participants in the event.

“n..m” where n and m are integer values, representing the rank of the participants after the last RankingRule was applied. For example, “1..8” means to apply this RankingRule to participants currently in first through eighth place.

Not required, assumed to be '*' if missing.


List of TieBreakingRules

An ordered list of TieBreakingRules to follow to sort two participants in an event.

The result engine must use the list of Rule in order until the tie is broken. Once the tie is broken the remaining Rules are ignored. If the tie can not be broken given the set of Rules the two competitors are given the same rank.

When the ResultList status is "Future", all TieBreakingRules in Rules are ignored.

This attribute is required and must have one or more elements in the list.


List of TieBreakingRules

In the event that tie between two participants can not be broken, the TieBreakingRules in ListOnly are used to sort participants for display purposes only.

The result engine must use the list of TieBreakingRules in the order listed. Once the tie is broke the remaining rules may be ignored. These rules do not affect a participants rank, only the order they are listed.

All TieBreakingRules in ListOnly must have Method equal to ParticipantAttribute or Attribute.

This attribute is not required.




The Reconfigurable Rulebook and functionality will be implemented with the release of Orion Scoring System v. 3.0 (TBA)