Competition Interface

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Competition Interface

In competitions athletes have only a limited set of controls available to them. The specific set of controls is set by the loaded Course of Fire definition.

Main Interface

Zoom Button: Athlete may switch the zoom level of the target, including an auto-zoom that is based on the widest shot fired.

Validation Button: Athletes may see an image of the last shot fired and scored, with it a graphical representation of how the shot was scored.

Next Series Button: In certain competitions the athlete may advance to the next segment of shooting. The most common example of this is going from sighters to record shots.

Target Display

Target Image Display

On the left side of the screen is the target image display. It's implementation does differ based on the Course of Fire, but generally shows the shots fired within the current string within the current stage.

Specifically, the displayed shots are controlled either by the Course of Fire's current Segment's Show field value or is controlled by the athlete if "ShotPresentation" is set in the AthleteHasControl field.

Target Image Display Graphics

Sighter Triangle: A gray triangle in the upper right corner. Indicates the athlete is currently in a sighter stage and the shots fired do not count for score.

Green "O": The Green "O" is displayed on the monitor when the Green "O" is displayed on the accompanying target. It indicates to the athlete that he or she may fire.

Red "X": The Red "X" is displayed on the monitor when the Red "X" is displayed on the accompanying target. It generally means the athlete is not allowed to fire.

Stop Sign: The red octagon, or stop sign, is displayed when the athlete has reached the expected number of shots for a Segment.

Menu Interface

Shot List: Athletes may review each shot fired during the match.

Shot View Options: Athletes may decide how many shots to display in the main target image.

Target Lift: In certain competitions the athlete may have control over the height of the target, and may adjust the height in increments of 10cm within a pre-defined maximum and minimum range.