Decimal Scoring

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Decimal Scoring

Decimal Scoring is when every shot is scored with tenth ring precision. Traditional integer scoring is when shots values are simply 10, 9, 8, etc. Instead with decimal scoring shooters may receive score values such as 10.4, 9.9, or 8.3. Possible shot values range from a maximum of 10.9 down to 1.0, in 0.1 increments. In a ten shot series, the highest possible value is 109.0.

Decimal Scoring is required by the International Shooting Sports Federation for all 10m air rifle events and 50m prone events. It has many advantages over traditional "Integer" scoring.

Decimal Scoring is easier to understand.

There are fewer ties with Decimal Scoring.

Decimal Scoring is more competitive.

Decimal Scoring minimizes luck associated with scoring system accuracy.


Enabling Decimal Scoring.

Orion supports Decimal Scoring for all disciplines and courses of fire; however, it must be enabled at the time the match is created.

1.Create a new match, local or virtual.

2.In the Match Properties box select the 'Rulebook' tab.

3.Check the Decimal Scoring option.

4.Set your other match properties and click 'Save.'