Preventing the NC Models from Getting Top Heavy

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Preventing the NC Models from Getting Top Heavy

Weighing Down the NC Model Stand

To prevent the NC Models from getting top heavy, we recommend placing a cinder block, sandbag, or a similar heavy object on the wooden base. These items may easily be acquired at your local hardware store.

Safely Moving the NC Model

In general, the NC Model is not designed to be physically moved. If you do have to move it, lower the target to the Prone Height (500mm) first. This will lower the overall unit's center of gravity. If you are going to be moving the NC Units often purchase casters to install on the wooden base. Casters will make it much easier and safer to move, without having to physically lift the unit.

Storing the NC Model

To store the NC Model when it is not in use, lower the target to the Prone Height (500mm). This will lower the unit's center of gravity. This rule also applies if people may be downrange and could accidentally bump or hit the targets, for example a cleaning crew.

Make sure only authorized personnel have physical access to your targets. This is for the target's physical security.

NC Model units should be turned off when not in use or in storage.