Self Diagnostic

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Self Diagnostic

Self Diagnostic is the process the Target goes through to ensure the camera is focused and centered on the aiming bull. Importantly, it also measures the angle of the camera compared to the aiming mask and determines internal thresholds to best score shots. Without these, the Target could not score accurately.

If Self Diagnostic is not successful, the target will not score, as the results will not be accurate.

For a successful Self-Diagnostic, a fresh aiming mask should be loaded, the paper strip loaded, and the camera all the way down, pointed at the aiming bull.

Performing Self Diagnostic

Automatic Self Diagnostic

Targets automatically performs Self Diagnostic when a new Course of Fire is loaded and on boot up.

Manual Self Diagnostic

Manual Self Diagnostic on a Target may be performed by:

Pushing the button on the back of the Target once.

Within Orion, and the Athena Maintenance form. Select the Targets, then click on Maintenance -> Self Diagnostic.

Within the paired Monitor (but only if the Target and Monitor are in Practice mode), from the home screen, select Menu -> Advanced -> Maintenance -> Self Diagnostic.

Viewing the Results

When the target is performing Self Diagnostic the Red X and Green O lights will illuminate. Upon completion:

If the Red X blinks Self Diagnostic was unsuccessful.

If the Green O blinks Self Diagnostic was successful.

For a specific reason for the error:

Within Orion, view the error on the Range Control tab, under the Target Error column.

Within the paired Monitor, select Menu -> Advanced -> Troubleshooting.