How much does Orion Scoring System cost?

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How much does Orion Scoring System cost?

The Orion Scoring System is available in three products:

Orion for Clubs is Orion's most widely used application that manages matches, scans and scores paper targets, interfaces with electronic scoring targets, and generates results for teams and individuals. It is designed for use by clubs or teams for practice or competitions. Orion for Clubs is licensed annually. The first year license is $560, and each subsequent year license is $140 per year. Orion for Clubs is often bundled with a scanner and targets. The bundle price depends on the selected scanner but starts at $1180.

Orion at Home is similar to Orion for Clubs but intended for the home or individual user. It scans, scores, and generates results from paper targets. Orion at Home is sold in a bundle with the Canon P-208 scanner and your choice of air rifle, or air pistol targets. The retail price of the Orion at Home bundle is $290. The annual license fee is $70 per year.

Result Center, Orion's online result service, is separately licensed. The Result Center is free for all customers who have a valid Orion for Clubs or Orion at Home license.

Orion's Mobile App for iOS and Android have a separate terms of use. It is available free of charge within the Apple's App Store and Google Play.


Scanners and targets are not included with license fees.


Alternate pricing solutions may be available for large organizations or leagues with specific needs. Please call us for more details.