Creating custom categories for shooters or teams

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Creating custom categories for shooters or teams

Categories in Orion are attributes that can be assigned to a shooter or team. Categories are typically used to group competitors together for award purposes. Orion already has a number of common pre-built categories, such as "3 Pos Air Rifle Type," "Gender," or "NRA Int. Air Rifle Classification." However it is often necessary to add a customized category for a particular match. This can be done from within the "Match Properties."


Create a Customized Category.

1.Open the match to modify.

2.Open Match Properties by clicking on 'Match' and then 'Match Properties.'

3.Click on the 'Categories' tab.

4.In the list of categories, select and check the customizable category field, typically near the end of the list. The name of the field is different depending on the rulebook but will be similar to 'User Specified,' 'Organization,' or 'Skill Level.'

5.In the text boxes in the lower half of the screen, type in the names of the category values to use. There is a limit of eight values.

6.Click the 'Save' button.


Assigning Categories to Shooters and Teams.

1.On the Match Competitors tab, or Match Teams tab, there will now be a column with the same name as the customized category field.

2.For each competitor or team, select the category value from the drop down list.


View Results from Category Values.

1.Orion automatically creates results for each of the category values. Select the 'Match Results' tab to view them.

2.Under Ranked Results, select the corresponding result.

3.Click 'Update Results.'