Creating a Tournament with Grouping Functions

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Creating a Tournament with Grouping Functions

Orion's "Tournament Grouping Functions" allows users to create competitions involving more than one match. In a Tournament the scores athletes or teams shoot, from multiple matches, seamlessly get added together and ranked.

Tournament Grouping Functions have a number of use cases. For example:

Running a two day competition, where the winner of the competition is the athlete or team who has the highest score over both days.

Running a NCAA competition, where the winner of the team match is the sum of a team's smallbore score and their air rifle score.

Running a multiple-week league, where the winner of the league is the team with the highest average.

Tournament Grouping Functions work from Orion's cloud based Result Center, are easy to use, and available to all Orion for Club customers.



The most current version of Orion (Currently Version

Internet access.

Result Center must be enabled for your account.



Creating a Tournament with a Grouping Function involves three broad steps outlined below.

1.Create the Tournament.

1.From Orion's menu bar click on Result Center and then Create a New Tournament.

2.Provide a meaningful name for your Tournament and fill in the contact information.

3.Under Function specify if you want Orion to Sum scores together or to calculate the Average.

4.Under Parameters specify if Orion should include Competitors or Teams, or both.

5.Optionally, specify who may add Matches to the Tournament. By default only the creator of the Tournament may do so.

6.Save the Tournament.

2.Add Matches to the Tournament.

Perform these steps for each Match you want added to the Tournament.      

1.Create a new Match within Orion. Within Match Properties specify the rulebook, course of fire, and other properties as desired.

2.Within Match Properties, on the Result Center tab, check List and Report Scores Online.

3.Under Tournaments, check the name of the Tournament. It is possible to have one Match belong to multiple Tournaments.

4.Optionally, specify a Short Name for the match, this will be the column heading.

5.Save Match Properties.

3.Add Athletes and Teams, then Score Your Targets.

Perform these steps for each Match in your Tournament.

1.Orion will group athletes and teams together based on their Display Name. There are many ways to add athletes and teams to a match to ensure common Display Names, importing from Excel may be the easiest. To do so click on Match then Import then Participants.

2.Score targets within Orion. Once targets are scored their scores will automatically get uploaded to Orion's Result Center and the Tournament.

3.To view Tournament scores, open the Match within Orion's Result Center (click on the globe Icon from Orion's menu bar). Then from the website click on Tournaments then the name of the Tournament.