Database Properties

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Database Properties

The Orion “shooter database” has two functions. First, to allow the user to keep a list of shooters who frequently shoot at at an Orion range. Second, to track and analyze shooter performance over time.

The Orion database maintains a list of shooters and tracks these shooter’s performance over time. Who is added to the database is a matter of choice. While many users will only add team members, common visiting teams or other shooters may be added to this database for similar purposes.

There is only one database file for each licensed copy of Orion. The database will aggregate scores from many Orion match files. The competitors in a match may or may not be the same as the shooters in the database. When a shooter is added to a match from the shooter database Orion uses the information in the database as default values for the match competitor. Once a competitor is added to a match there is only a loose connection between the shooter in the Shooter Database and the shooter in the match.