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Categories Tab

"Categories" allow groups of athletes or teams to be grouped together, usually for presenting awards. For example, in a three-position air rifle match, you may group athletes by their equipment class, either "Sporter" or "Precision."

Category Options

The list of possible Categories is dependent on the rulebook selected. The table below lists the Categories for the National Three-Position Air rifle Council rulebook. Please check your printed rulebook for specific meanings on the different Category options.



3 Pos Air Rifle Type

A common category that describes the rifle equipment class an athlete is competing in. I.E. "Sporter" or "Precision"

3 Pos new Shooter

A category that describes the experience level class an athlete is competing in. Common in JROTC postal's. I.E. 'Boot" or "Veteran" classes differentiate experience level of "<1 year" or "> 1 year".

Age Award

A customizable naming category with up to 8 choices if you want to divide athletes by age. BB Gun for instance has single year age categories for most until Age 14-15. 4-H may use Junior (Grades 3-5), Intermediate (Grades 6-8), or Senior (Grades 9-12) for awards.

Gender Award

A category that describes the gender class an athlete is competing in.


Customizable if you wanted to track regions or areas of competitors for awards. For example: 4-H State Districts.

American Legion Regions

Used for American Legion Sponsored matches to track home regions of competitors.


Used for award breakouts if used at a large, varied match with juniors representing numerous club types. 4-H, Boy Scouts, JROTC, etc.

This is a customizable field that users may type in their own value.

Skill Level

Customizable if you want to track athletes of various defined skill levels. Perhaps your club awards the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification awards or you wanted to track CMP Air Rifle Distinguished vs non-distinguished in your competition.

This is a customizable field that users may type in their own value.

Customizable Categories

Most categories are static, meaning their values are assigned by their respective rulebooks. Some Categories are customizable, which means their values may be typed in when the match is created. Each rulebook has at least one customizable category.

Customizable categories may be used to define, for example, your own age groups, or define varsity vs junior varsity.