BB Gun Test Question Bank

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BB Gun Test Question Bank

Background and Description

Orion Scoring System has generated a test question bank of nearly 200 questions intended for BB Gun athletes. Clubs may use this test question bank to generate their own tests for BB Gun competitions. There are both true and false questions, as well as multiple choice. Each question comes with the question, answer, and discussion (explanation of the answer).


The material for the test question bank comes from three sources, the Daisy 10 Lesson Curriculum, the current NRA BB Gun rulebook, and basic knowledge of the shooting sports in the Olympic Games and within the United States. Each question is categorized within Gun Safety, Firearm Knowledge, Shooting Sports, Shooting Positions, Marksmanship Techniques, and Rulebook.


To help grow the test question bank we encourage clubs to submit their own original questions. By submitting your own questions you not only help build the community, but this is one of the ways to gain access to the test question bank for yourself.


How to Obtain Access

Access to Orion’s BB Gun Test Question Bank is offered to customers free of charge. We make it available to all customers who have a valid Orion for Clubs license and who have either:

Purchased four (or more) packages of BB Gun Targets (competition or practice) or BB Gun Test Answer Sheets, in a single transaction, within the last 12 months.

Submitted 50 (or more) original test questions for inclusion in the test question bank, within the last 12 months.


Access is provided online only, under Quick Links on your Orion Customer Information page, after logging in.




Creating Tests

To create your own test club leaders must decide on a few initial parameters:

1.How many questions to ask?

2.What topics to focus on?

3.What question types to focus on?


If you are creating a test for brand new athletes, you may want to select questions from the Gun Safety and Firearm Knowledge categories. If you are creating a test for experienced athletes you may wish to focus on Shooting Positions, Marksmanship Techniques, and Rulebooks.


To create the test, we recommend creating three parallel documents. Use your favorite Document editor for 1 and 3 (e.g. Google Docs or Microsoft Word).

1.The actual test, with just the test questions.

2.The Master Answer Sheet, using one of Orion’s BB Gun Test Answer Sheets

3.The answers document, with test questions repeated, answer, and discussion.